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July 2007

Bring NASCAR* Performance
To Your Molding Processes

The same high-quality hose world-class drivers use to vent excess heat is now available from PS&E

DH Series
Dryer Hose

IDH Series
Insulated Dryer Hose

Designed for both hot and cold air handling, fume removal or ventilation applications, PS&E DH Series Dryer Hose resists extreme temps, fungi, ozone, and is odor free in hot air service.  

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A 1" thick fiberglass insulation restricts heat loss and saves you money. Available in 1-1/2" to 6" I.D. sizes, our insulated dryer hose resists temperatures from -65 degrees F to +500 degrees F Perfect in situations where heat loss is a problem.   

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To Test Your Dryer Hose Knowledge



RDH Series
Return Air Dryer Hose
Ideal for dryer air, low temperature dryers and as an economical flexible industrial ducting material, PS&E Return Air Dryer Hose is best used where operating temperatures fall in the  -40 degrees F to +350 degrees F.

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Whether you need "general purpose" worm gear hose clamps, spiral double-bolt clamps, a clamp maintenance kit or a pair of clamp pliers, PS&E has what you need!   

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