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Voltage Sensors

AC Voltage Sensors
DC Voltage Detector

AC Voltage Sensors


Every maintenance person needs one!  "Selected by the OSHA Electrical Technical Equipment Committee as the only instrument of its type for use by OSHA compliance officers to identify and cite electrical hazards of 50 volts or more."  Probe tip glows bright red in the presence of AC voltage.
  • CONVENIENT - Small enough to fit in shirt pocket
  • FAST - Locates voltage through insulated wire.  No contact with conductor wire required
  • SAFE - All outer surfaces are non-conductive.  No metallic contact
  • ACCURATE - Locates defective grounds, energized circuits, and induced voltage.  Differentiates between live and neutral wires.  Detects 50 - 600 volts AC
  • UL LISTED - Tested and approved for public safety
  • CAT III and CAT IV Rated 
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

AC Voltage Sensor

Utlimate AC Sensor

AC Sensor

Low Voltage AC Sensor

  • All NEW audio alert

  • No ON/OFF switch to break or malfunction so the sensor is always ready to use

  • Detects 50 - 600 volts AC

  • No reason to disconnect system in question

  • First sensor to be UL listed and manufactured 100% in the U.S.A.

  • LED light glows cherry red in AC voltage is present

  • Detects 50 - 600 volts AC

  • No reason to disconnect system in question


  • No other instrument like it in the world!

  • Detects 24 - 90 volts AC

  • No reason to disconnect system in question

  • No direct contact is needed to sense AC voltage field


VS3215 Low Voltage AC Sensor
VS3115 AC Voltage Sensor
VS3000 Ultimate AC Voltage Sensor


DC Voltage Detector


Every maintenance person needs one!  The newest sensor on the market. Introduces a new breakthrough in DC voltage detection. 
  • Bright LED light that will never burn out
  • Loud audio alert buzzer
  • Detects 6 - 50 volts DC
  • Sharp, rust-proof stainless steel tip for penetrating insulated wires.
  • Extended ground lead w/ large alligator grip to insure connection.
  • User-friendly, pen shaped enclosure for ease and comfort during use.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

DC Voltage Detector

VS3315 DC Voltage Detector


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