July 2006   



For Injection Molding Machines
When a tie bar on your machine breaks, it costs you money.  With machine 
time costing $100 - $500 per hour, getting it back up and running
 is a major priority.  PS&E leads the industry in manufacturing time for tie bars.  
With your sample or drawing, we can manufacture tie bars in 3 - 7 working days.

PS&E manufactures tie bars for any brand of molding machine.  We us only 
the best stress-proof materials. Available in quantities for machine 
manufacturers, in addition to one-piece replacements for end users.

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Gloves Galore


Mold Clamps


Protect your hands!  We offer over 35 styles of high-quality gloves at exceptionally low prices for all applications.  

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  Mold clamps are available in an extensive range of sizes in open-toe and closed-toe styles, as well as heavy and extra heavy duty versions.

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Think CAED Technology


Screw Tip Assemblies


If you have a problem with stringing, drool, or cold slugs, think CAED Technology.  Proprietary flow geometry, machining, and surface finish technology allow you to increase productivity and decrease scrap.

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You're paying too much if you buy your screw tip assemblies from the O.E.M. Made from higher quality tool steels, our screw tip assemblies are the best value in the industry.

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PLASTIC SERVICES & EQUIPMENT is a manufacturer of barrels, screws, screw tips assemblies, nozzles, nozzle tips and end caps for the plastic molding  industry. We also distribute a complete line of industrial accessories for the injection, extrusion, thermoset and blow molding industries. In addition, we specialize in upsize/downsize conversions, thermoset/thermoplastic conversions and reconditioning services for barrels and screws.