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Cartridge Heaters

Hi-temperature Quality Cartridge Heaters
for Excellent Heat Transfer Efficiency

Purchase the Best Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Temp Standard
Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Temp Metric
Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Temp Square
Cartridge Heaters

Hi-Temp Standard

Hi-Temp Metric

Hi-Temp Square

Hi-temp Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heater

  • Longer heater life.
  • Internal temperatures to +1600F.
  • Optimum performance.
  • Standard sizes and ratings.
  • Special hi-temp alloy sheath material.
  • Choice of voltage: 120V or 240V (others on request).
  • Available in Hi-temp, Metric and Square models.
  • Many sizes and constructions in stock.


Hi-temp Cartridge Heaters
with Replaceable Thermocouple

Cartridge Heater w/Replaceable TC

  • Less downtime.
  • No need to remove cartridge.
  • Position TC anywhere.
Cartridge Heater



PS&E cartridge heaters are comparable to the following brands: AccuTherm, Acra, ACI/American, Akinsun, Ahena, Atkin, CCI Thermal, Cetal, Chroalox, Dalton, DBK, Delta, DME, Surex, Eichenauer, EuroTherm, E-Z Heat, Fast Heat, Fostoria, GE, George Ulanet, Hampton, Heat &  Sensor Tech, Heatron, Hot Set, Hotwatt, Infinity, Ihne & Tesch, ITC, Keystone, Marathon, Nordic Sensor, NSI, Ogden, Omega, Pro-Tech, PPE, Rica, Rotfil, Selco, Sun Electric, Superwatt, Tempco, Tempora, Therm Tech, Thermal, Thermal Transfer, Thermetic, Trent, TruHeat, Ulanet, Vulcan, Vulstar, Waage Electric, Watlow.

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